Eyeliner Tattoo Causes Puffy Eyes W/ Mascara

My friends had it done and their eyes were...

my friends had it done and their eyes were beautiful. Yet it was not a wise decision for me as I am very sensitive and have some allergies not to mention the pain was unbearable.

Had a eyeliner tattoo done in august of this year every time I wear mascara my eyes are puffy for a couple of days I wish I had never had it done the woman who did this for me said the ink was food based and would eventually go away. Underneath my eyes they look tired will this go away with time?
You should discontinue the use of that specific mascara. Mascara can harbor bacteria and it could irritate your eyes. If you have began using a fresh tube, you may have just developed a sensitivity to that specific product. There is alot of stuff in mascara. Maybe try well known Mineral Makeup brand. Seek tha advice of a doctor if the problem continues.
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no I can purchase a who lotta eyeliner and not have to go through the pain or have problems with mascara

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