I Have Always Used Pencil and Thought They'd Make Me Look Better

Once the make up is done there is no going back so...

Once the make up is done there is no going back so if you hate it it will ruin your life like it has mine.

Can someone please help me get rid of my permanent make up?
Everyone wanting permanent makeup has a responsibility and should be doing their research and due dilligance be fore having any permanent makeup procedures. Not ALL people are good candidates to receive these procedures. A true professional will recognize this and inform you if this may be the case, putting your best interest ahead of their need to make money. Start with searching professional organizations for permanent makeup, like the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals. Please educate yourself on the information necessary to find a technician. This is YOUR responsibility.

You might want to check out our permanent makeup Q&A forum for more help and support: Permanent makeup questions

Most of the questions posted there deal with removing or correcting permanent makeup.

Hope this helps!

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