Help...I Am Gray!

I had hardly any eyebrows and permanant cosmetics...

I had hardly any eyebrows and permanant cosmetics seemed like the best route, so far I am not sure if it was...ask me in four weeks.

Three to four days after getting my eybrows done I peeled offthe scabs...the brows where very dark (I am African American) Now the brows look very faint kinda gray...shouold I be concerned or is going back for my follow up appt still okay (will the color get darker)


I had my brows done medium brown, and the color was great untl it flaked off or peeld and they are gaint gray too. I called the salon and they said it is normal give it three weeks. So hang in there.

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It's normal for them to look gray for a while until they are completely healed. I've had mine for over a month and they continue to look better each day. I love, love them and plan to do eyeliner soon. Ps, I am a young 70 years old.
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