Perlane Under the Eyes

I had two syringes of Perlane injected into the...

I had two syringes of Perlane injected into the tear troughs, under my eyes, and on the upper cheek bones. BTW: I had requested Restylane, but was talked into Perlane; as it would provide "more lift." It was done to reduce the tired appearance and dark circles under my eyes.

I am currently not satisfied with the results. There is lumpiness and bags. I am wondering if the larger molecules in the Perlane are causing the problem and if additional Restylane would help. My injector recommended additional dermal filler during the session, but I thought it might be a sales gimmick. Also, let me note: it really isn't that bad, I don't look like Lumpy Lumperson. I simply am disappointed with these unexpected results.

I recently had Perlane injected into my tear troughs to reduce the tired look I had. I like the effect in the immediate tear trough areas. However, the dermal filler has also created slight bags under my eyes. I have a very flat face and never had bags before. Can additional dermal filler improve the bags or am I throwing good money and bad?

Maybe a small amount of hyaluronidase would reduce the effect?

It seems odd that more filler would get rid of the under eye bags, unless it was put all around the bags to even out your face? (not sure if you can / should do that... I'm not a doctor :)

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I like my injector and have developed a strong trust in her work. (These small issues aside.)

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