Perlane for Deep Folds Around Mouth

I just had perlane 1cc infected in a deep fold...

I just had perlane 1cc infected in a deep fold around my mouth and 0.5 cc on the other side.

I now look like a cat. My smile is asymetric and I feel that I should have never done this. I think too much was injected. My husband is angry with me. The procedure was done apparently by a very competant RN. I am very upset and and I do not look like myself.

Please advise. Catwoman

It's all about technique and the ability of the "professional" to know the anatomy. These filers require weeks of one on one practice. It's ironic, a dentist, who know head and neck anatomy the best, in CA can NOT do fillers, but a RN who takes a short course and puts a Kinko copy certificate can work in a Doc's office and inject into patient's faces.
I would not go back and next time go to a plastic surgeon. I have had perlane twice for my deep folds and I have no bruising and just a little swelling. By Friday my face will look great.
I honestly think you should go back and tell her that you are unhappy with it. Hopefully, she'll give you a syringe for free to correct it...ultimately how you look is a posterboard for the quality of their work. If they make you look good, they look good and also keep you coming back. If it is a reputable place, they should care if you are unhappy.
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Don't let RN do it

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