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Sub-q in Cheeks to Restore Lost Volume

Restylane Perlane sub-q to correct flat cheeks and...

Restylane Perlane sub-q to correct flat cheeks and slightly sunken eyes.

Really happy with the results. It's quite painful, but only lasts for a few seconds. Some swelling for a few days after. 3 vials had so far.

I've had Restylane Perlane sub-q in my cheeks (the apples), to restore volume lost partly due to ageing (I'm 37), and partly due to the fact that I naturally have a long, flat face. I'm really happy so far, and have had 3 vials over 2 visits over the last month. However, now the swelling's gone down completely, I'm considering having one more vial distributed between the two. My question is, would this be overkill? The results now are nice, and better than before, but I preferred it when there was slightly more swelling. Also, is there any consensus on how long this treatment lasts? I have a fast metabolism.


I currently have 6 syringes of Perlane in my cheek area, injected over a 2 week period 2 months ago. Not over my cheekbone, but just below it, nearer my nasolabial fold. For me, I had very high, prominent cheekbones, but they are prominent more laterally. That, coupled with a very prominent chin made my face look very chiseled, severe and masculine. Almost like a crescent moon from the side. There is no way I can continue this filler every year, so I am considering sub-malar implants. The great thing about filler is that it is not permanent and is reversible if desired. 6 syringes to look balanced gave me my answer for permanent implants. Good luck!!
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