Perlane, is Pain & Bruising Normal

I tried perlane today because of folds (marinette...

I tried perlane today because of folds (marinette lines) on each side of my mouth. I had one syringe. Left side needed more than the right side. It also is bruised & painful. Is this normal & will it look better tomorrow? No one notices, but I see a slight improvement. however, not enough for the cost.

I have just gone to a dermatologist for consult on fillers. I have an appointment for the 12th, but am a bit worried!

Any tips out there for using perlane and restylane?

She is using both, for the folds fronm nose and a little to redefine lips and fill in the frown lines between eyebrows.

any guidance and help is appreciated.
the filler takes about a month to absorb the water inside your skin, then it will plump up a little more. my doctor gave me an injection, inside my mouth (like a dentist would) i felt nothing. were you numb at all before your fillers? so give it a little while, you might see more of a difference.
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Probably not worth the cost.

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