Prepare Yourself

I had the Pearl laser four days ago. It was...

I had the Pearl laser four days ago. It was painful, even with the numbing cream, and my face felt hot and tight for the first 24 hours. I took Benadryl due to itchiness and to help me sleep the first two nights. For the first few days you have to keep your skin very moist with Vaseline or something similar. I looked pretty scary for a few days, and I still don't want to be seen in public! But overall, I think it is going to be worth it. My skin is starting to slough off today, and the skin underneath is pink, but looks great so far. You just have to prepare yourself for at least 4 days of social downtime.

Had the fractional pearl done monday today is wednesday. Still not sloughing off, think I am a slow healer. I had the Pearl done a year ago and found that the fractional was not as painful during but more painful after, face still bright red today and swollen, I know it will be worth it....wearing a huge hat and driving kids with dark tinted windows and the air blowing on my face...will advise as time goes by...
Hey, thanks for sharing! I have been going nuts trying to figure out which laser treatment I want to do. I have narrowed it down to the Pearl Fractional laser and the CO2 type of laser. That's a great price, can you please tell me the name of your doctor? Thanks so much for your feedback, it's expensive and a little scary so getting advice is invaluable!
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