I Am Now Facing a New, Older Me After This Procedure (Age 38)

I am almost 6 months out and I still have the...

I am almost 6 months out and I still have the discoloration, streeks and honey comb appearance covering a large portion of my face.

I am 38 and looked fairly young for my age pre-procedure. I have always taken great care of my skin. I now look 5-10yrs older, like I have spent a lifetime in the sun. I had absolutely no visible sun spots or discoloration before the procedure. My MD has me on a regimen of Retin A and Obaji blender, not effective. I have had multiple follow up tx with the Fotofacial, not effective.

Please consider this procedure very carefully esp. if using for fine lines or pores. It is definitely not worth the risk.

This is terrible. I feel your pain. I had the Pearl treatments and it destroyed my face too. Not only are my melasma spots worse but it got infected and scarred. I am only 34 and I am left with this mess on my face that will never go away! I was definitely misinformed of the risks vs benefits and told this would "take away" all the spots permenantly. It is ashame that this happens. I will never let anyone touch my face again and have lost faith in providers, and I work in the medical field. I will be thinking of you and your recovery.
I am amazed and envious that there are satisfied customers of Pearl Lasers. I had both the new fractional and standard one during a single visit. I did the post-treatment by the book and while I saw modest improvement for the first 3-4 months, something changed. The track marks weren't going away, I developed deeper wrinkles and redness, and the revised scars became larger and more prominent. The Dr. put me on Refissa and after 3 months of peeling and breaking out, I gave up. Now my skin is damaged, make-up doesn't go on well and the provider isn't willing to go another step since my complaints aren't "obvious". Unbelievable.
So sorry, I can't believe this. I pray you recover. I am also 38 & will skip this. Thanks for posting this.
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Yes for cosmetic surgery as he has an excellent reputation. No for any laser tx. I was treated by a new PA and was not given the waiver preprocedure, therefore, completely unaware that this was a possible complication.

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