Do Not Do It (Chest and Face) - Months of Downtime

I felt like I was lied to. What was supposed to be...

I felt like I was lied to. What was supposed to be 7 to 10 days of downtime has now turned into several months of healing because something went wrong, they don't know what.

I had pearl on my face and chest over a month ago and my chest is still very red and inflamed. And the redness on my face that it was supposed to make better has only gotten worse. They lie to you to get your money, and don't fully disclose the risks. I feel foolish for spending the money.


I went to a Harley street specialist he guarantees a professional result mbut must follow procedure, I have had acne scarring for 20 years have seen numerous dermatologist, the advice was dermabrasion but i thought it to severe, so now this seems like a good alternative finally, I also asked about neck liposution, I must be getting very vain in my old age. it's all expensive, but I had laser eye .surgery so it can't be so bad.
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She is good for minor things like facials, that's it though.

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