Paralysis After Neck Liposuction

I had neck liposuction 5 days ago and after...

I had neck liposuction 5 days ago and after 'coming out of the fog;' I'm still experiencing paralysis on the right side of my face (smile). I now have less swelling and feelings of numbness/tingliness in my lower face.

First of all, what expectations should I have for improvement/full recovery? And secondly, what can I do to improve recovery and/or speed it up, such as exercise muscles more, i.e. chewing gum?

Facial numbness is totally normal after neck/chin/jawline liposuction. I had all of the above a few weeks ago and my entire neck and bottom lip and chin was numb. I still have numbness and paralysis of my lower lip. It is always best that you check in with your doctor. I was told a multi b complex would help my nerves regenerate themselves faster.
You should talk to your doc. The paralysis you mention sounds like Bell's Palsy. About 75% of all adult facial paralysis cases are due to Bell's palsy, a condition in which the facial nerve becomes inflamed. Still you need to communicate with your doc. In many cases Bell's Palsy will resolve, it is just a matter of time. Could be days, weeks or a year.
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At this point, I wouldn't recommend the procedure, or would I do it again. I'm very afraid of the paralysis side effect and need to know more at this point.

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