Pain After Exercise 5 Months Post Tummy Tuck

I had a tummy tuck back in January and have had an...

I had a tummy tuck back in January and have had an uneventful recovery so far, I followed all my consultants advice on wearing the support garment and returning to exercise.

I have been very pleased with the results and the scar is fading slowly, however a couple of days ago after a couple of sessions at the gym, which did include some sit ups, I began to experience pain in my abdomen, mainly in the lower area around my scar site.

It has become painful to cough and sneeze similar to after I just had my surgery. I have taken an anti inflammatory which does help.

Could i have done myself any damage such as rupturing the suture line, my stomach doesnt look unduly differant than before.?

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my goodness, you should learn to take breaks.
Only do exercises 3 days a week. Use the rest of the days to relax and re-strengthen your muscles.
If you push it you are going to run into many issues.

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Okay.. I was about 4 month post op. I am a personal trainer. My doc told me I can do Everything I did before the surgery.. So I did.. I did some crazy intense lower leg lift (sit ups) and it's been about a month and it STILL HURTS soo bad.... It feels like I ripped/tore something. I am in sooo much pain. I work and have two kids so getting to my doctor in Beverly Hills is hard and far... I am sooo scared that i did something wrong.. I had to have done something wrong as this pain is Not normal. The pain is located to the right (my right) of my belly button. It hurts the most when in a stretching position or if i apply pressure. If I did do damage then can it be undone?
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I had a tt done this past aug I was told to never do any kind of stomache excerise ever again! I would recomend for you to stop before you do damage because you can tear your muscules that were reconsructed
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I am three weeks post tummy tuck and I am unable to stand up straight also. I continued to have tightening of my muscles with increase activity similar to braxton hicks during pregnancy. I've been wanting to go to the gym and hoping I would have been ready by now, but at this point there is not much I can do when I get there. I am hoping I will be able to stand up straight soon.
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I an a newbie. I just had a tummy tuck about a month ago. My tummy is sooo tight, firstly I can't even imagine doing situps. I could barely stand straight until a week or so ago. Now, I am slowly just trying to work some flexibility into my back so that my pelvis isn't always forward. I figure I'll have the best abs at 90 but right now at 43, I'm struggling with flexibility. Any suggestions? Should I just give it time? I was thinking on taking a social dance class than involves some hip movement which wouldn't be as strenuous as the gym. Any thoughts?
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hi, i think just give it time, it is all very early for u, something light like the dance class u mentioned would be good, im nine months on and finally feeling like i can do pretty much all exercises that i did before, but i have built up slowly after feeling at times that i had overdone it. best of luck, its all worth it.x
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I heard after a TT you should not do any abdominal excercises for 12 months. And that you should still wear compression garments, ie: spanx, body wrap, during the day. I would also, recommend wearing the compression garment along with the work out band around the midsection while working out. No need to do crunches/situps until after 12months or so.
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I am 11 months post op pain is normal after trying to go back to working the abs i would suggest talking to your doctor .. At least get looked at also your still unswelling and healing situps might not help that .. I was very flexible and could do alot of workouts prior to my tummy tuck and now it feels like im starting over I do know that my trainer recomends not doing typical crunches after a tummy tuck that its better to work your core based on yoga or pilates type exercises ..These have been really helpful for me now that im back to working out ..Situps and crunches help tear the muscles naturally so to do them after a tummy tuck is even more painful I wouldnt push it i would just let your body heal for a while im at my 11 month mark and still shrinking .Also i wear a post op garment when i work out not the wraps but it really helps my body not swell up and keeps my form good i wear the one that goes from my knees to my chest it fits under my work out clothes ..they make the thing to chest one to but i like the feeling of everything being tight and i notice less cellulite and swelling . Good Luck with everything
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thanks, alls alot better now, did ease off on the sit ups, but feel happy doing them again, no more pain!
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