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Breast Implants - I Was Insecure About Being Flat Chested

I was always very skinny and totally flat chested....

I was always very skinny and totally flat chested. It made me very insecure about my body. So I decided to have breast implants and I have never regretted it.

i have been having a burning pain and tenderness in my breast. when i turn a certain way in bed it is worse. breast are tender to the touch. i have saline implants behind the muscle. the pain is like the pain i had about 3 days after the surgery but its been 5 years. can anyone tell me why i would suddenly be having this pain.
Dr. Dye

he was very relaxed and made me feel relaxed. he did exactly what i ask for and the price was very reasonable.

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you should definitely look into it. It could potentially be contractures that occur often times with breast implants...where scar tissue builds up and forms a capsule around the implant. It can be very painful. I hope everything works out.
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