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Tummy Tuck/breast Lift - How Should I Feel at Week 4?

I got my tummy tuck/breast lift exactly 4 weeks...

I got my tummy tuck/breast lift exactly 4 weeks ago. I loved the results! I loved the results from day one. The pain wasn't as bad as I had expected and I can't believe how flat my belly is!

I still get very tired just doing my regular routine. This includes taking kids to school, shopping, regular mom stuff. The more I walk my abs feel really tight and I get worn out. I was in great shape before (run 35 miles per week) and had thought I would be walking a mile or two starting now. Is this normal? I am also pretty moody.
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How come this dr. Kim doesn't have a phone number nor address? Does any of you have his contact information? Thx
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Dr. Dan Kim, did my breast augmentation and i love him. He is in Mission Viejo, 949-645-3333
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Hi, its normal to feel so tired @4 weeks, just walk on the treadmill, or around the neighborhood,its normal to feel tired,always wear your compression garment to help support your abdomen,take it easy,it will get easier every week! I'm now @17 weeks and feeling very good,ask me @3 to 4 weeks I felt horrible..but let your body heal,listen to your body,take naps as needed,lay down here in there,tighness in the muscles is normal..but trust me it will get better...walk for exercise and gradually increase your exercise regimen as able..I'm a nurse and my doctor told me I could go back to work @3 weeks, and I told him there is no way I am going back to work then..I went back to work @4 weeks,very difficult but each week got a little better..takecare.
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hi there. im planning on getting a tummy tuck in january and im excited yet nervous. im small 5ft and never go past 110 bs i wrk out so much and take spin and cko kickboxing. i eat good drink water like a camel. i notice that u look really great in ur profile pic. i had two kids one being 16 and i wanted to do this for so long. its quite expensive 9grand to be exact but my belly is so flabby and i had smart lipo done wrong on me which made it worse now. im now going to a great dr in nj who did my breasts twice. i only wnt twice for the new silicone ones i wanted im happily divorced now too so altho i wish a man can help me on my own and no better time than now rite? i plan to take off 7 days from my desk job and i have two wknds to recover. tell me your experience please. ive been wanting to do this since 2005 and i got a better price becuz im a client of my dr. and the economy sux so no one is spending as much. thx kristi
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Expect to get tired easy for about 8 weeks. thats how i was. gosh, even grocery shopping wore me out at 6 weeks ha ha. after 2 months you will feel great, but the swelling is what seems to take forever to go down. Congrats on your new tummy!
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I hear you!!!! I am in the same boat. This Friday will be 5 weeks for me. I too ran between 20 and 25 miles per week. I tried not wearing the compression shorts and by the end of the day I am hunched over. I keep reading about all these woman who go back to the gym after 4 weeks I miss the gym and running terribly but can't imagine not being in serious pain later on. I feel your pain and I'm curious what the Doc's have to say.
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I walked a mile yesterday and it was actually good. I wore my compression binder and although I felt tight, it didn't hurt. I felt fine that night. So I guess it just takes patience. My doctor told me yesterday that the walking is good and at 6 weeks I can try to start getting back into running. The tightness is normal and he says that he also likes his patients to start pilates or yoga at 6 weeks. This helps with keeping scar tissue from building up plus build strength and toning.
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