Breast Aug 25 Years Ago - Can Scar Tissue Be Removed from Muscle Tissue?

I had a breast augment 25 yrs ago. I had the...

I had a breast augment 25 yrs ago. I had the silicone implants (which ruptured) removed and replaced with saline 15 years ago. I had a capsulectomy but apparently ther was some silicone that remained in the tissue of my left breast. I had a small lump the size of a marble which proved to be scar tissue (had this addressed 10 years ago) Now,the scar tissue seems to be increasing and migrating down my pectoral muscle. If I grab my pectoral muscle I now have a mass about 2.5 inches in diameter that runs alomg the muscle. It's starting to restrict my neck a little and generally bug me. I've been assured for the last ten years that it is scar tissue but I am getting concerned.

I would never never get get silicone implants and wish I had known about saline back in the early 1980's. My doctor placed the implants under the muscle and they look great after 25 years and I am very pleased with them asthetically.

Can scar tissue (encapsuled silicone) be removed from muscle tissue? My saline implants still look perfect and are soft.


Dr Krugman is an excellent surgeon, and I would return to have him exam you. Any mass should be properly evaluated including ultrasound and mammography. If the mass is localized, it may need to be biopsied or removed with special care regarding the saline implants. While the saline implants have lasted a considerable time, it might be good to take a careful look to ensure you are okay. Occasionally a small glob of silicone may be left even with careful washing and inspection.Removal of the entire capsule under the muscle is not advised as it is too traumatic. Removal of the capsule itself is not always necessary except when restricting the breast shape.
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Hello You need a mammogram and possibly an MRI to evaluate the lump, and the extent of silicone migration. The Capsule lumps can be removed. Migration can also go to the lymph nodes in your arm pit You need full evaluation by a BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON
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try this Neprinol afd i hear that helps a lot with the encapsulation and reducing the size of the lump.
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