One Week Post Op from a Neck Lift, Hard to See Results

Pros- left the same day as my surgery, minimal...

pros- left the same day as my surgery, minimal scarring

cons- swelling, hard to see results after a week, had to wear drains for two days post op

I had a neck lift a little over a week ago. The results are not much different than how I used to look. Could this be just swelling or is this how its going to look like? My face is still numb so I am hoping its swelling. Thank you.
yes, as we are all shopping for drs, please let us know if you are on the fence about your dr.
how are things now? Did you have results or complications? Who was your surgeon? I am in your area and very curious. Thank you and I hope things turned out beautiful.
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Well, I am still not sure until I can fully see my results.

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