Not So Good Lifestyle Lift

Did this for minor work on my face/chin/neck....

Did this for minor work on my face/chin/neck. While the surgeon was working on me, he said, "oh, dear, I won't be able to give you a chin." What could I do right about then?

The sales associate (and that's what they are!) told me I was an ideal candidate and I was going to look wonderful. Well, within 3 months I couldn't notice a difference between before and after. The LL people called me for a survey, and I told them I wasn't satisfied, and they haven't contacted me since. Surprise, surprise.

I had a lot of bruising on my face, some pain but nothing that couldn't be handled with Tylenol after the first night. The stitches in back of my ears were horrible....... lumpy and uneven skin back there now. Not done with any finesse at all.

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Too rough, and I'm convinced he could have done a better job.

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NOVADC, This is continuing to happen because people do not check into the SURGERY before they have it done. I would have to say that most people who have the LSL have never had any type of elective facial surgery before and they do not know how to completely and accurately search for potential problems before they occur. Also, in the age group that is being targeted, (late 40's to late 60's) were taught 3 things that could be trusted; doctors, police and clergy/preachers. Most people would not think to check on the internet, especially when the "sales woman" who receives commission for each sale; dressed as a medical professional is telling you that you are the perfect candidate and how young you will look afterwards, well... it seems like a dream come true. Combined with the pricing that is affordable to most people especially when they throw in CareCredit. Its like dangling a candy in front of a toddler. LSL should take responsibility for truth in advertising and make the advertising realistic and disclose that the pictures shown on TV are "NOT TYPICAL" just like in the weigh loss commercials. Just as one of LSL own doctors has said his-self on "BUYER BEWARE". PLEASE people, take the time to get a 2nd opinion from an independent board certified plastic surgeon. Best to all, Chrystal Eckes.
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If I read Consumer Reports to buy a toaster or a car, and the reviews were about 50/50 I WOULD NOT BUY THAT TOASTER OR THAT CAR - so why are we trusting our selves, our health, our faces, to a company with such poor ratings?
It shouldn't even be a question - DON'T DO IT!
Would you take a 50/50 chance on a toaster or a car? NO
Why do it with your health, your life, your well being, your face?
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pinky....if you are interested in joining the class action lawsuit, please contact me
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Your review was helpful and sounded genuine. I don't believe some of these people even had it done. What a disservice to others.
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I had my Lifestyle Lift in 2005 with Dr. Lindsey I am very happy he was super honest answer every question and he said he could only get rid of my turkey neck by 50% but he surpass that and got 90%. I went back to the Reston office because, I wanted my upper lids done by him, but he is not longer with them so I track him down and found him in Mclean And I am going for a consult next week.
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I can't help but wonder if one person who appears to be responding to every single posting, it trying to personally put this company out of business.
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Welcome to realself. I am sorry that you are unhappy with your LSL. Have you gone through the customer no-service and asked to speak with Sarah T. in Troy Michigan. The Home Office? You can always try. Other than that, keep a good diary of photos, log of whom you speak with & dates and good notes. Get a copy of your medical records. Did you pay with carecredit? If so you may have some recourse with them. Also, it helps if you can post some photos for other women to view. I wish you well, Chrystal Eckes
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