Not Happy with Chin Implant. Looks Uneven and Makes Me Look Sad

I chose to get the implant because I had a weak...

I chose to get the implant because I had a weak chin and was hoping to get just a little more balance to my face.

I had chin implant surgery two weeks ago. I'm happy with the size, but there is an indentation that runs all the way across the middle of my chin that leaves me with pockets between the implant and my lower lip. You can tell right where the implant goes to and stops. Is this normal? I thought the skin would be smooth all the way across my chin. Will I need fillers to make this work or a new implant?
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Not happy with results

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Hi lizb -- How are you doing now? Did you ever decide on implant removal or fillers?

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I am thinking about getting surgery in Virginia. Can you tell me were you went so I know not where not to go.
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There are SO many different styles of chin implants available. I mean hundreds. What brand, style and size did your surgeon select for you? You should have the receipt somewhere. You paid for it. At this stage, I'm thinking a more suitably styled implant would be the solution, but I need to know what has been used here.
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I'm 3 weeks post op and I have this exact same problem, I mean identical. An indentation, scalloped area right under my lip. Everyone notices it as well. It's very worrisome, but my doctor has been giving me mix signals when I address this. He says number one, there is nothing I can do about that if after swelling is gone it's still there, and number two, it needs to heal, and swelling needs to go down, give it at least 4 months.
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Since you're still in the early stages of healing, it's possible that part of the look you don't like is due to swelling. Has your doctor said anything about the area you mentioned?

This question might help as well: Chin implant revision surgery or fat injections?

Best of luck with your recovery!

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