Open Rhinoplasty Surgery Went Well

Surgery went very well.couldnt even remember the...

surgery went very well.

couldnt even remember the anesthesia they gave me, but when I woke up, I could talk, move, drink, eat, and even almost walk all the way to the car by myself. it has been one day (had it done yesterday) and i am not black and blue, nor do I hurt nearly as bad as expected.

I just had open rhinoplasty done yesterday. I dont feel that awful. I mean, I hurt, but not nearly as much as expected. and Im not all black and blue. will it get worse once I remove the splints? it just seems odd that Im not in more pain, not that Im complaining...
Who was your doctor if you don't mind me asking? I'm looking to do this surgery and I am still researching doctors in the area.
Hi, Thanks for posting. Do you have pictures? I'm going in on June 20th. Will let you know how I make out.
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