Nightmare Liposuction, in Pain for over Three Years.

In January of 2006 I had liposuction of the...

In January of 2006 I had liposuction of the obdomen and flank region, it has left me with indentations on both sides of my body, the indentation on my right side is deeper and it wraps around my hip bone to the front of obdomen, it has been in constant pain for the last three years, I've had an X-ray, an Ultrasound, an MRI and an EAG and they have all been negative. I am mentally, physically and emotionaly stressed out over this and don't know what to do. It's been a night mare. Please help Have any ideas as to what could be causing my pain?

Cabral, I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience. I haven't had a good experience with smartlipo; I haven't had any pain like you, but I have scarring and some lumps and bumps. Has your dcotor done anything to correct this? And if you don't mind me asking who did your surgery? My surgeon re did my procedure, but it still doesn't look good.
so sorry ..I too had a bad experience in Boston, MA :
Cabral, I'm no doctor, but if you have constant pain in the abs years after lipo, my guess is that you have a fair amount of scar tissue that is just bunched up underneath. Your surgeon may have been too aggressive with the cannula, and/or you may be more prone genetically to scar tissue formation. It's a major bummer, but try going to a physical therapist. They may recommend that you get deep tissue massage to work the area into a more pliant, softer tissue. You could probably have your own body fat re-injected into the indentation, but be sure to consult with a few docs before going this route.
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Poor results, and doctor was not very helpfull in correcting the problem, in fact he refused to properly correct the surgery.

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