Day 6 Post Dysport to Glabellar Lines - New York

I'm 38 years old and my Glabellar lines...

I'm 38 years old and my Glabellar lines bothered me a lot ,and I've been thinking to have dysport/botox for a long time and was hesitant because of the side effects and droopy eylids that it may cause. But finally I had dysport done by Dr. Michael A. Fiorillo / NY I love it so for !! No side effects at all

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No pain during injection & no swelling or bruising after injection !!

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Wow, these pictures are so helpful! Thank you for posting. Honestly, I didn't notice the lines in the before until I looked at your afters. It looks so good and natural. I hope you're happy with the outcome.


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Thanks for posting the updated collage of photos. It looks very smooth between your brows. I'm guessing it will be a couple days for the touch-up to take effect, so please let us know how its looking/feeling after it does.

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the pic before is without me frowning at all (I just had those lines without even frowning )but I kinda still see them when I try to frown so hard so Im going for a touch up on wednesday
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Oh, I'm glad you share that. I just assumed you were making an expression and that was why the lines showed up, then you were trying to make the same expression in the "after" picture but the lines didn't appear. Please let us know how things go after your touch up tomorrow.

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So glad to hear everything has gone well for you so far. It can be kind of scary to try something like this for the first time. Do you feel like it has taken full effect already?

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