Size Matters..... Wish I'd Gotten a Larger Implant

I had breast augmentation because I wanted larger,...

I had breast augmentation because I wanted larger, fuller breasts to add proportion to my wide hips and lower body.

I am happy with everything but the size I chose.... I expected it to look much larger.

I had my breast augmentation 4 days ago..... although I understand the appearance will change as the swelling goes down, I also understand that the size will shrink a bit as well. I'm not happy with my "swollen" size and I already wish I had gotten a larger implant..... possibly 200 cc's more, but I wonder if I'd have to pay all over again? Do surgeons usually charge for a redo surgery based on size dissatisfaction? Would I have to pay the cost of the New implant, or are they exchangeable?
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Hello Is is early live with the present implants for a while then decide. It is common to wish "I GOT A BGGER IMPLANT". You and your doctor should have extensively discussed this issue.Your Doctor should have made some measurements and advised you on the range of implants that fit you. A redo for size yes you will be responsible for the cost including the implants. Your Plastic Surgeon may give you a courtesy discount on his fees. Our policy in our office is to dicuss the revision policy in advance.
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Whether or not surgeons charge for a redo would depend on their own policies. My hunch is most doctors ultimately want to make you happy, but would have reservations about doing a free exchange if they had consulted with you about the size.

Worrying that implants are too small is actually fairly common after surgery. A few doctors have addressed it on this thread - Advice for too small breast implants. They advise waiting a few months to heal properly and get used to your new size. If you're still unhappy at that point, then you should talk to your surgeon.

Hope this helps!

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