Loose Skin After Neck Lipo

I had neck lipo along with a S-lift. its been 6...

I had neck lipo along with a S-lift. its been 6 months and now i have little ripples under the chin. My neck is not double chin now but lots of lose skin. and i hate it.

I hate this and scared to tell the Dr. What can I do now?

I had neck lipo almost a year ago and the result is worse than my original issue which was simply a round fullness from my chin to neck. The surgeon tried ultrasound, steroid injections to no avail and kept saying "be patient"...full results take 6 months to a year. He finally admitted, after my Husband made an issue of the problem, that the result is not desirable, but made no explanation as to the reason(s). He did initially offer to do a full neck lift revision for $900 additional, but that suddenly doubled when he later said the surgery was 2.5 hours and an anesthesiologist would be required. My husband is insisting that I get at least one more opinion on the cause of my poor outcome and demand more accountability from the surgeon that did the original procedure. I have been very self-conscious and disappointed and have reservations about allowing the original surgeon "try" to revise the results. HELP !
I actually am having the same issue. I had only chin lipo 4 years ago. If you looked at me straight on you would say I look good, but anytime I bend my head down or twist my neck around I have loose skin. I hate it. One of the many reasons I did it was so I that I could wear turtlenecks without fat hanging over; well..now I have loose skin hanging over. And I am also very self conscious about it. I just went to another Plastic Surgeon yesterday, and he said he couldn't or wouldn't fix that, but he'd give me a mini-lift for my jowls for $7000. I'm not sure if they cannot fix it because it isn't an underlying muscle laxity problem or what, but I sure don't feel like spending $7000 and my problem is still there.
After 6 mos, any skin that would've reattached nice and smooth should've reattached. Did you wear the post-surgical neck compression band? Cuz after my neck lift/lipo, I wore it every day for 2 weeks. IF you feel comfortable ever going to that doctor, I would definitely go back and tell him a revision may be necessary. It could be that you'll need a complete neck lift to address the rippling skin. In that case, I'd see at least 2 other qualified surgeons and only go to the one who you feel would fix the problem. Even if it costs you money. Good luck to you.
Donna Slagle

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