Juverderm Lumps Still Visible After Four Weeks

Definite improvement. My skin doesn't sag as much...

Definite improvement. My skin doesn't sag as much anymore. I did it because I was really uncomfortable with the way my mouth sagged, I always looked angry around the mouth.

I had a Juverderm injection four weeks ago and still have some lumps. Will these go away and is there anything I can do to make them go away? I like the overall results, just not the lumps.
Hi. I have a spot by my mouth that after one injection still bugged me. Last week the doctor put more juvederm in and now the "crease" is gone but there is a big round lump. Actually it can only be seen in certain lights and I don't think anyone would notice it. Last time I massaged a lump and then it made it worse. Since my crease is gone i am happy but when i go back to the doctor i'm going to see if he can massage it away. But all in all , i can look in the mirror and feel so much better. And of course the juvederm will eventually dissolve. I would ask your doctor if he/she can massage them or whether you should. Just don't mess it up. Juvederm can move around at times and in certain places I think. Around the mouth is especially vulnerable since we move that area quite frequently. Hope that helps.
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