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My Slim Lipo on Lower Abs and Flanks is a Disappointment & Itchy

I had slimlipo mid 6/09 it's now 8/09 on lower abs...

I had slimlipo mid 6/09 it's now 8/09 on lower abs & flanks not a lot removed, but enough, but can't notice much of a difference. It swells up some days, still hurts to the touch & is very itchy sometimes.

I'm sort of disappointed. Is this normal. I also have a numb feeling wherever the procedure was performed. Will I still shrink or is this it?

Is this normal? I also have a numb feeling wherever the procedure was performed. Will I still shrink or is this it?
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Right now I say I wouldn't recommend it cuz it hurt and I can't see much of a difference, I wish the provider would have been more aggressive with fat removal or maybe he was but I can't tell.

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Had inner thighs and inner knees done. Would never do this again. Got an infection, severe pain, was out of work 3 wks, still struggling. Had a hard area develop on inner thigh about 2in long and 1/2in wide. This scares me but the dr keeps saying this is a fluid deposit that will resolve over time. My knee is so swollen I still cant squat. Now my lower leg is swelling and my foot. Was not told this would last this long and is it going to resolve. Did anyone have thighs done? The skin is hanging loose also. It has been 2 mos.
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So will it still shrink if you are still sore & numb? Or is it just sore and numb and it takes longer for those symptoms to go away? With no more shrinkage?
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Oh that garment I thought I would have a panic attack from it. I felt like I was being squeezed to death, Im small so it was all the way up under my breast, very uncomfortable, almost clostrophobic! I still feel pretty much the same, I notice if I wear something tight or a little constricting then the area feels sore and swollen after, like if you are trying a bunch of clothes in a dressing room, after it's sensitive. I'm just starting on my 4th month post-op still not totally satisfied... I also went up 5lbs after, weird..I also din't have much to lose but it seems my lower abs should be flatter!Well I'll update but for now I guess I'm still waiting...
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I'm starting to feel like you do. I had it done over a month ago and have noticed no difference at all-actually I weigh more now than when I went in there!! I still have a big muffin top and soreness. I also have severe acid reflux from wearing the garment so I'm unsure what to do about that. I'm disappointed as well.
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my Dr. said as long as it was numb that meant it was still healing and still a little swollen...i am over 4months now and i have had minimal results, nothing significant. My weight is 5 lbs more and none of my clothes are any looser. I excercise and eat decent and didn't have a lot to lose but i did expect more.
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You may feel numbness for several months after in those areas. It's very normal. You will need to give it more time, I had on and off numbness for 4 months but I've heard up to 6. Everything you discribed is normal. Give it more time.
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