My Botox Wears off Fast

I am 37 years old andI have had two rounds of...

I am 37 years old andI have had two rounds of Botox in-between my eyebrows. I loved the results, however both treatments wore off within 2 months of the injection. Here I am ready for another third injection but I am apprehensive. At $375 dollars, every two months, this will become costly. Not to mention I cannot seem to get a clear answer as too why this is happening in the first place.

Love the results of Botox, but wears off way too fast. I hate the appearance of the line that gets deeper every year and have taken permanent residence on my face. I have friends that used Botox and had great results so I tried it.

Is there another option with longer lasting results or do I try Botox again and hope for the best? Or am I stuck with this dreadful line that is residing on my face?
Austin Westin

The Doctor is fantastic and I have personally seen his work. It is true artistry at its best.

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My first time was with my plastic surgeon I was under for another surgery so I was only charged 300$ for whole face which looked great for about 2 months.Then went back for a follow up to the surgery ( which they made me an appt on botox day)and it was 675$!!Then were trying to get me to make my next appt!! I have found a regular doctor who does it but the results w/ her have only lasted a month~!The stuff is highly addictive & I am only 30.
The company claims it should last for 3-4 months.My doctor says I have a high metabolism so that's why it'd wearing off so fast.
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I'm 39 and have exactly the saem problem. I've had three sessions of botox over the last 8 months and each one lasts no longer than 8 weeks. This is with different providers, and recently at Harley Street. After my most recent session I still had some movement so went back for a top up. A week later and the results were amazing..however within two weeks I noticed more movement again and a month later there is significant movement in my forehead. They say that for some people it just doesn't last. looks like we could be the unlucky ones. I haven't done any significant exercise in this last session, I didn't lay down or massage the area. I've now seen two different providers but for some reason it still doesn't last more than a couple of months. Saying that my crows are ok, and frown is still good. My forehead is the issue as I'm a very animated person usually and possibly the nerve endings get stimulated too much and eventually the movement takes over...
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Oh and incidentally- they injected tons of the stuff into my face!! TWICE!
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Try using a filler, such as restylane for the line in combination with botox. I have been doing that for the last 7 years with great long lasting results.
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Are you paying by the unit or a set price per "treatment" where you aren't told how many units you're receiving? I used to go to a doctor who charged per "treatment," and my results were very short-lived. I believe this is because he skimped on the amount of botox used. I suspect you simply need more botox than you are receiving. Or perhaps better or more dispersed placement. It is also important not to exercise the day of your treatment or lie down for four hours after treatment, or rub the area. In other words anything that increases blood flow to the facial area for the rest of the day of the treatment will diminish the effects or the longevity of the treatment.
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