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My Botox Experience - Eye Drooped but Still Worth It

I had a frown line and the Botox got rid of...

I had a frown line and the Botox got rid of it---but my eye drooped. My eye drooped but I still think it was worth it-----I don't know if I will do it again.

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I had a botox eyebrow lift seven months ago...I went back to the doctor after two months..He said, that both sides of your face are not the same...I have one eyebrow higher
and on the other side my eyebrow and eye droop...I look like I had a stroke...I have been taking pictures and is still very prevalent..after 7 months.Please help...I am going back to him for another consultation..I have had this procedure before with much success..He also put botox under my eyes...
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What is the doctors name and phone number for this comment?
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All the studies show that about 1% of patients have usually unilateral drooping of the eyelids lasting 2-3 weeks with Botox injection in the brow area for frown lines treatment. There are eyedrops that help tide patients over this period. I think it is the outermost injection site that causes the problem. I usually inject less Botox at this site and concentrate the dose more at the inner brow to reduce this problem. I don't do the outer injection in some patients. I have been successful using fillers alone for the frown lines. Best of luck.
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