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My BOTOX Lasted 2 Months, is This Common?

I had BOTOX done on Aug 8 on my forehead and frown...

I had BOTOX done on Aug 8 on my forehead and frown lines as well eye lead today Is Oct 16 th so just over 2 months and my BOTOX is wearing off visibly. I paid 1000.00 and had around 100 units injected. Procedure was painless and quick but not worth the money as it only lasted 2 months.

Does this sound right? From what I read on line I have serious doubts...
No only does it sounds unusual, the price you paid is horrendous....I have done much research on botox prices, and have had botox and have never heard of anyone who's needed 100 units or paid 1000.00 for it....you've been scammed....get in touch with me.
Botox duration can vary; even though 3-4 months is average, it lasts longer for some people and shorter for others. Here's a related thread that explains a bit further: How long does Botox last?
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I paid 1000.00 CDN and it lasted only 2 months!!!

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