More Natural Look with Dysport in my "11" Lines

I had Dysport put in my "11" lines about...

I had Dysport put in my "11" lines about a month ago.

While the onset was more gradual--to the point I got a bit worried--, I am overall more pleased with Dysport than I ever was w/ Botox. Botox had a tendency to over arch the outer edge of my brows, giving me a bit of a vulcan appearance. Dysport doesn't do that, and my brow isn't overly frozen, which I like.

Longevity of the product remains to be seen, but so far, I'd definitely do this again.

I am interested of dysport, being on the budget I am looking for good price. Thelma
The "Spock" look can occur with both products. It just depends on where she places the injection.
Dr. Cantrell, Med Spa Plus

Dr. spends the time to insure we're both talking about the same effect. She is very conservative in her treatment, opting for the "less is more" approach so as not to create catastrophes.

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