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More Botox in Crow's Feet is Not Always Better

I had extensive botox in the crows feet area. This...

I had extensive botox in the crows feet area. This is the 4th time receiving botox. Previously have went with a plastic surgeon, relocated and went to a mid level provider.

It's been two weeks. I have hollow/sunken areas under my eyes with ridges on inner cheeks. Eye lids are drooping. The worst part is my eye sight. Can no longer wear contacts as my eyes are dry and they burn.

In the past I have received 25-30 units of Botox, this time almost 50. More is not better. I will say there is very few wrinkles but with sunken eyes and droopy eyelids, I look 10 years older.

Do the ridges look similar to this (I realise your issue is with the cheeks, not the forehead, but maybe it's related)?: Strange hollow dents between eyes after Botox
No, actually the hollow areas are black in color and have a "sunken" look much like a dehydrated or malnutritioned person would look like. Of course the cheeks have a ridge something you would see during a sinus infection. Ugh, terrible. I can't wait until this wears off.

Has anyone had the hollow look under the eyes with...

Has anyone had the hollow look under the eyes with ridges in the cheeks? How did Botox create this look?
Hi Brittany - botox is brilliant when it works and absolute rubbish when it is administered incorrectly. I had a lousy 15 units (total) on crows feet, bunny lines and frown lines. I was taking antibiotics (tetracycline - doxycycline) so it increased both the effect of the botox and the side effects. It looks like I had 100 units injected. Are the ridges on your cheeks more prominent when you smile? My eye muscle has been so weakened by the botox that my cheeks have dropped completely and exposed the (previously hidden) fat pads under my eyes. I believe the injection was placed incorrectly. I am never doing crows feet again as I am too scared of the cheek drop. I have puffiness not hollows under my eyes and because I have an asymmetrical face it is much worse on my left side creating a totally bizarre look. Hideous. I am considering getting a Tua Viso to try to strengthen the muscle when it starts to re-engage. It is only week three for me so there is a long way to go. I totally feel your pain. It is horrible when things go wrong and you know that all you can do is wait. Let us know how you are doing...
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She was not knowledgeable about the facial anatomy and administered way too much botox

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