Molding my Nose After Rhinoplasty (Deviated Septum and Cosmetic Issues)

2 weeks ago, I had rhinoplasty not only fix a...

2 weeks ago, I had rhinoplasty not only fix a deviated septum but to also change the look of my nose cosmetically.

I am very concerned about the difference in noticable swelling on either side of my nose and I am very nervous that my nose will not be symetrical.

Once I had my cast removed, I noticed that one side of my nose is bigger than the other... my doctor recommended that I smooth out the one side with my thumb as hard as I could stroking it downward towards my cheek area. She said this will help "mold" my bones since they are still soft and to relieve swelling? True? Should I be worried that by nose will not become symetrical?

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My doctor was wonderful and willing to answer all my questions.

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i actually just had rhinoplasty and still have a slight bump. My doctor also told me that my bones are still some what moldable, since then i have been tring to mold because the left side seems a little off. I almost worry that i may have done more damage then good!!
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Thanks for sharing your experience.

Swelling from rhinoplasty is unfortunately a long process. These threads from other RealSelf members might help in the meantime:

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