Large Lump After Mohs - SmartXDot Not Helping So Far

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Previous post 'lump on forehead'offered solutions but answers can't (give me)Dr.

Four appts. w/ Board Certified Plastic Surgeons took consult $$, said don't do scar reconstruction! I was clear about lump/scar on phone. Found 1 that said would cut full across. NOT!

A new surgeon took appt, cancelled day before. Referred me to Non-Board certified. Went for his opinion. Suggested try to live w/ it. No, to cortisone. I think many don't make enough off this problem & go for other big $$ procedures.

Moh's Dr. said he did closing/repair/laser & I ck'd him out. Thought sm. bcc = minor incision. They over cut to save time. Go back, if!

Research/calls has lead me try SmartXDot over 4 appts, 30 days apart. 1st shrunk scar but lump same! Also, too close got some brow fall out. Dr. feels will deminish lump. Did zip for Mohs brow-furrow left behind.

I'll update next mo. 1st may have been test for tolerance? No pain/peeled 3 days/numb cream used 1st. 1 reply from here offerred excellent comment.

Lasers are only as good as Dr. using. Multi-zaps may level lump, I hope. Any MD input appreciated.

Definitely a DOWN! This procedure uses light to cut hole columns in hopes to fill in w/ new skin & tighten/smooth/correct problems. A little may smooth & too deep cuts in permanent holes & then they fill w/ oil. End result a yr. later, wish I never did it. I used a board surgeon & was told I was a perfect candidate. Leave if you here that. Expectation was a 'try for improvement'. Not look pitted. Post date in msg. Have to scan for new posts.

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MD is willing to offer alternative. $500 per treatment. May not show results.

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