Misinformed on Sculptra

I have had two sculptra treatments for facial fat...

I have had two sculptra treatments for facial fat loss, the last one on 5 Jun.

I noticed a nodule on 22 Jun. When I reported this to the Dr I was advised to vigorously message the area, the nodule became larger. I contacted the Dr a second time and was given a cortizone shot and told that it may or may not solve the problem and that nodules are just part of getting sculptra.

I was never informed of the possibility of a nodule(s) appearing or that there was little or no treatment available. I paid good money to make myself look and feel better and ended with a noticeable nodule on my cheek. If I had known that nodules were a possibility I would have skipped this procedure.

Hi disfigured in Alabama. can you please email sculptradamage@gmail.com
I would like to share experiences with you and see how things are working out for you. Anyone have any ways to get rid of this stuff. Occuloplastics Dr says that lasers will not work as they do not go deep enough and recent biopsy 3 months post injection, shows that the product persists in muscle tissue ith foreign body granulomas. They can not be removed from the muscle without risking the muscle function. What a mess. These people dont know what kind of dangerous thing this sculptra is.
I am sorry that most recent biopsy is 33 months post injection.
I have had three sculptra treatments over the last couple of months and am due another next week. I am very happy so far with the results. My cheeks were sunken from weight loss and I was very unhappy. I now have a much fuller face and love it. I was told to massage once a day for five minutes and so far no lumps! I have heard that some people who have had this treatment have not even been told that you have to do this! The only thing I do not like about these injectable treatments is how do you know that your getting the correct amount that you have paid for? How would I know how much sculptra is in one treatment?
Patricia L. Brown

Possible side effects were not revealed and knowing that there is a possibility - no certain treatment exist

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