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Mid-facelift and Under Eye Surgery

Ihad midfacelift and under eyelid remowed 4 weeks...

ihad midfacelift and under eyelid remowed 4 weeks ago.i cant feel my top lip still more in left side.i have stiches still in my mouth and cant smile as i use to.still swollen a bit.and my eyes pulling a bit down they are a bit tight.

do u think i will be normal soon im worry a lot.everybody says im becoming better everyday but i cant still smile and feel my lip.please help me.


Most of the post surgical inflammation should have settled by now, however know that in some cases, it may take up to three months to clear completely. The lack of sensation in your lip may indicate a "bruise" to the sensory nerves in that area that may take up to six weeks to resolve. I would be concerned about a nerve disruption if the numbness does not improve in 2 more weeks. The smile should get better as the muscles recover further. I suggest you ask your surgeon for his reassurance to put your mind at ease...worrying only drains your energy and may "attract" unnecessary stress.
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you are great made me feel already good now thanks a lot.xxi start feeling only a bit my lip now just wishing this stiches to come out so i can smile again normal..but its getting better everyday.except when i wake up im swollen again.
Alper Tuncer

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