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My son had microdermabrasion yesterday. His skin...

My son had microdermabrasion yesterday. His skin is still red, but looks better. We did it because he has senior pictures in a week, and we wanted his acne to be better.

My son had a microdermabrasion done yesterday for acne. He has lesions around his mouth forhead, and cheeks. He was using Benzaclin and Tazarac, which made his skin red and irritated. I'm considering trying the acnescription, but wondered if I should switch now, or wait until after his senior pictures which are in a week.

I was finally convinced to go ahead and try Microderm. I found a Massage Spa here that performs them for $49/30 minutes (everywhere else is $79, $99, or you have to prepay 5-6 sessions in advance). I had horrible acne in high school. I have very oily skin and I was also using the wrong cosmetics and skin regimen. I'm 25 now. I have some scarring but I still break out once in awhile. It felt like a cat was licking me. It's been 5 days and I noticed a little difference. I live in Texas so it's always hot as hell outside. I put on a sunscreen. My forehead was a little itchy but nothing severe. I had no pealing and I broke out a tiny bit. I have my second session this sunday. I'm excited.
Part II: I forgot to tell you that it (tea tree oil) helps take the redness out of your skin and is an inti-inflammatory, an antibiotic, antifungal and antiviral. It reduces scarring and will, if used every day, clear your skin of acne. I'm living proof. It (Tea Tree Oil) was used around WWI prior to antibiotics becoming popular, but later emerged around 1970 in popularity. If I'd known about this sooner, I'd not have undergone Accutane, which dried out my joints and caused drynees and cracked lips and peeling. Hope this helps. Good luck.
This is a bit late but if your son is looking for a way to clear his acne preeminently he should try accutane. I went on it in high school when I was 16 for really bad acne on my face and on my chest and back. After being on it for three months I had no acne whatsoever and to this day I am now 21, and I have NEVER had another zit. Accutane does have some serious side effects though so I would get your doctors opinion, there are other generic versions of it as well. The worst side effect I ever got from it was dry lips. but now I use a home kit for microdermabrasion from mary kay and it is absolutely WONDERFUL! I have acne scarring and after two uses of it the scars are much less noticeable. its $55 for a set, rather than paying $100+ per session!
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