Now Regretting Getting Microderm and a Bluberry Lactic Acid Mask

I did it since I have struggled with acne and am...

I did it since I have struggled with acne and am now approaching 37 and wanted to look good for an upcoming trip. I have done glycolic peel series and microdermabrasion series and tried a new person who recommended the microderm and the blueberry lactic acid peel by GLO skin care products.

It burned initially, but not any more than gycolic. Afterward, I had raised strips on my face which turned brown within two hours after the procedure and remained brown going on day two today.

Could someone give me some insight if they have ever had a patient who reacted to a microdermabrasion and blueberry lactic acid peel by their skin becoming hyperpigmented brown streaks that resemble the brush strokes used to put the mask on my face after the microderm abrasion.
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I did this with a new person and due to the horrific results, I am regretting my decision.

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You actually CAN combine CERTAIN peels with microdermabrasion. What the peel does in connection with the microderm is to enhance the results. Whats more important is how high the microdermabrasion machine was turned to during the initial service. It should have been on a low setting so not to compromise the peel. Many people feel if you turn the machine on high and give the client a High microderm treatment THEN put a peel following it will be awesome. It really depends on if you know from experience from each client how they will respond. It should have been left on for up to three minutes and by the clients pain threshold. Then neutralized or thoroughly cleansed off the skin. Then there is the question of what the client used following the service on their skin.
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I am not a doctor and not even an esthetician, but had a similar peel. On day two it is too early to tell whether the brown spots will stay. In my case my brown spots have peeled off and I was left with renewed, pinkish new skin! Wait till day 7 and please, keep us posted about your results!
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My advice (I'm just a student who is currently learning Mocrodermabrasion, glycolic peels, etc. . .) you should not have had both Microdermabrasion and a peel on the same day. That could be what contributed to your skin reacting the way it did. Also, did they do a P.D. Test? IF someone comes at your face with anything deemed an aggresive treatment and doesn't do a Pre-Disposition test, you need to leave immeadiately.
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esthestician students aren't doctors. You shouldn't be doling out medical advice.

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I agree
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See the doctor answer to: brown spots after medium chemical peel. You may find this helpful. Best of luck in your recovery and thanks for posting.

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