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Lips Injected Yesterday - I Look Like a Fish

I've had my lips injected yesterday, yesterday...

I've had my lips injected yesterday, yesterday they looked really good and I was happy with the results, but today the skin under my nose feels very puffy and I look weird from the sides, I look like I have braces on, but I don't.

The main reason why I had it done was because of that, but now they look even worse then before and the skin under my nose is puffier, and I look like a fish, Will it go away in a couple of days, is it just swollen?

I look like a fish
I had this done by a Plastic Surgeon in Jackson-Same problem-horrible fish looking-refused to take that area down with dissolver-said my gumbs were large and that was the puffiness-absolutely not true-unsure if this is same Dr.(Jackson Mich.),but 4 months later still puffy upper lip nostrils down. I have been slowly taking it all out-Yours may go down on it's own-my Dr. was a complete moron.
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