Juvederm Redness and Crusty Around Mouth

I have redness and small crusty areas, flaking, ...

I have redness and small crusty areas, flaking, around my mouth where i had 1 syringe of Juvederm put in to improve that area. Am I allergic? What can I do to heal this redness and patchiness?

I have had restylane and perlane in the last few years , but only had a bit of bruise and swell from that product.

It is now 1 week and 3 days since the treatment. Please advise me. I am keeping the area clean and wipe it with alcohol so I don't think this is infection at all. Redness and crusty areas on either side of my mouth after treatment 10 days ago.


I have the same red crusty issue in one small spot, has yours improved at all? I can't find any info on it.
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you may want to read this post about Juvederm allergic reaction

Yes the one spot cleared up in the corner of my mouh , but then I had another sore develop on my upper lip that also looked like a fever blister, then it healed. But there is still some redness in the areas just below the corners of my mouth. ?? I don't know why? It isn't painful but still off color. I had restylane and perlane about 3 times usually once a year. I was hoping Juvederm would last longer? Keep in touch.
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