Second Laser Treatment in Short Time for Acne Scars

I had my first treatment of fractional co2 laser,...

I had my first treatment of fractional co2 laser, two weeks ago, for acne scars on my face and the doctor did double treatment of laser on my right cheek

Five days after, i came back to doctor's office and she asked me like i felt and I said to her I was not happy because I still had the same scars before treatment and I was thinking the laser did not work to me,

So she decided to do a second treatment, just 5 days after my first one, but only she did on my right cheek and double treatment again

But, now my right cheek is very red and I see like points or stains appearing on it

Now, I am very scared because I don't know if she was right when she did a second treatment in short time

Should I be concerned about this?

Should I be concerned about this?
Thanks for the answers! You're right My skin looks worse and I see many more and deeper scars on my face I know the laser takes time to see results so i'm going to give it time But, i just think people should be aware of all risks that have to take having laser like hiper or hipo pigmentation and the doctors don't should ensure results or make promises that may not comply Thank you!
I just wanted to let some people know more about mixto sx since I just had a chat(today) with a dr who's performing this treatment. First of all: it is totally normal that the skin will look worse after treatment even for some days up until two-three weeks the skin can appear worse which is nothing to be worried about since it's a normal proces(your skin has endured alot of trauma even though you won't see it on the outside; most trauma has been caused underneath the surface due to heat and vaporizing skin). Most of the time the dr will give you some hydrating ointment to relieve pain(burned sensation) the doc told me that they have noticed that when people can cope with the feeling and don't really need this ointment(or gel) the best results were those of people who've kept their faces dry without using any ointment but who've kept it clean without using anything except a prescribed skin beneficial healing lotion. You also shouldn't wash your face up to 4 days post treatment; just soak a cloth and dap it on the face without stroking it or rubbing it. When the skin starts to peel: just let it peel naturally without forcing the peeling; this doc has a selfmade lotion which helps to heal the skin faster and making the flakes peel faster so you can go out in the open quicker. 1 treatment can be enough for small lines,dark spots, and small irregularities but when it comes down to scars and deeper lesions it takes at least 2 treatments to get a satisfying result; starting the second treatment 4-6 weeks after the first, but 4 weeks is the absolute minimum ; collagen will start to build up the skin up to 3-6 months after treatment so you won't be able to tell any difference a couple of days after treatment. The outcome of the treatment has alot to do with how you treat your skin the first days after the treatment; most of the time nature itself will do most of it and so the skin is best to be left alone without too much being put on . Sometimes scabs can become apparent so it's very important to leave them on without plucking them off but let the skin underneath it heal on itself so the scabs will fall off by itself. points and strains are normal after this treatment because that's what this laser does; it punctures the skin (vaporizes skin in a punctured pattern) this will heal very quickly but just leave the skin alone for now and maybe ignore the mirror for some days ; this can be very important for you not to stress about it that much and you'll see that you're skin will be looking more refreshed and scars will START to diminish( it's not something which will happen overnight) I hope you're going to love the results; just give it TIME(time is so important when dealing with skin treatments)
Dear, I don't think you should be concerned ; it might be that due to the second treatment in short period of time might take the healing period a little longer but you should give it time! As for all the laserpeelings today ; doctors and technicians should tell you that it takes time(months) to tell the difference and not the first couple of days after a treatment, especially with scars and acne scars; it's like using accutane or roaccutane when treating acne; it makes the skin look worse in the beginning to make sure the nasty stuff inside finds a way to leave the skin before it can start healing and make the skin look fresh and young again. This has to be considered for laserpeels as well ;the skin can look worse for a couple of days to some weeks before it can start healing and producing collagen and elastin. Keep your skin moist and try not to get it sweaty and keep out of the sun. Lasers produce heat (coagulation) which is the main beneficial factor when trying to rejuvenate the skin; I think many people are only able to review laserpeels after some months because it takes this long before the collagen production reaches it's peaks. Just keep it cool and try not to get obsessed and you'll be having diminshed scars. Just keep in mind; scars are there for life but can take a less prominent outlook. After all we are our own worst judges.
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