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Botox Injections for Frown Lines Between Eyebrows (Age 32)

I made botox injection yesterday between my...

I made botox injection yesterday between my eyebrows,(for frown lines). I'm 32 and this was my first time. The doctor injected directly on the wrinkles area but he also made 2 injections (per one on each side) at the place where eyebrows end, a bit upper and very close to hair. (temples) Is it a normal technique?

I am very concerned as the doctor seemed to be extremely careless. He did not ask any questions about medicines I take, or alcohol (I drank just before the treatment day , he said it's ok). He did not warn not to message the area, and I did. Now I read it can spread botox to other areas.

I am really threatened now waiting for side effects to appear like eye closing or smth. thank you!


I've now had botox done on my forehead and between my brows three times,with the latest being 8/4/09. It has lasted approx. six to seven months each time and I'm please with the outcome. I only have 20 units and it's spread out evenly and I was told not to massage and also not to take any type of aspirin for 24 hrs. I have not had any trouble with a droopy eye or any other side effects. I don't understand why your dr. would put it near your temples, that's not necessary. Be specific on the areas your concerned about and don't go overboard on the units; some places just want to make money. I'm sorry you had a bad experience.
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hi, thanks for the link, it was very helpful. I think it will last maximum 6 months - well they say so... Today is my third day and eyelids are a bit swollen.. I wonder what happens next. thank you !
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It totally agree that botox can ruin your life! My boyfriend has disappeared because I look so bad. I guess he was not worth it anyway then. I am really struggling at work too. Hellen - if you want to check drug interactions yourself go to www.medscape.com You can register for free then use their drug interaction checker. That is how I found out about the bad mix of tetracycline antibiotic and botox. Ksolty - there are prescription eyedrops for a droopy lid. This has never happened to me but I have seen other people write about it. Check other people's posts on RealSelf about droopy lid because I am sure some people have named the eyedrops. They are expensive. I am anticipating that my lousy botox result is going to last for months and months and months and months. It will be four weeks tomorrow. It has absolutely killed my confidence and self-esteem. I cannot stand the look of my face in the mirror. Hang in there. Apparently it always wears off...
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Hi, massaging and alcohol did not cause any side...

hi, massaging and alcohol did not cause any side effects so far. I think I just paniced too much after reading some reviews.

I would suggest taking anti-allergic meds for 10 days after botox, to avoid flu-like symptoms, sinusits or swelling etc.

I did and it helped me. (Im allergic to many things, and have chronical sinusits)


Messaging may cause closed eye?

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