Mesotherapy and Liposuction Got Rid of Undesirable Fat

I has mesotherapy and liposuction. Both were very...

I has mesotherapy and liposuction. Both were very painful. Both got rid of uncomfortable fat. I did it because I could not attain desirable results with exercise and dieting.

Im 26 years old and goin to go through with Mesotherapy as soon as I loose as much as I can on my own and the DR. can hopefully get whats left. All my fat is in my belly and don't have much to go. My Boss did it and has seen great results. I think Dr. are scared people with turn to Mesotherapy and will take over liposuction buisness for them. Also when people ask where does it go....?? You pee it out and can see the oils from the fat. pretty gross, but at least it comes out.
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