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Not Sure It's Worth the Pain?!

I had my first photofacial treatment this morning...

I had my first photofacial treatment this morning at a susrgicare center after getting a recommendation for the procedure from my mother who went through 3 sessions 2 years ago.
I have red hair, brown eyes and LOTS of freckles. I have a had a lot of sun exposure throughout my 29 years and started noticing clusters of freckles and sunspots forming, along with some fine lines- mostly around my eyes. I was/still am hoping that 3 sessions will lesson the clusters of freckles and improve my overall skin tone.

HOWEVER, after only a few minutes into the procedure, I was in tears. It was one of the most painful experiences and nothing like what was described. I did not allow her to finish my nose and chin, which were the last areas to be treated. I had planned to return to work after but could not as my face was extremely red and my freckles very dark brown. A few hours later, the redness went down. The doctor told me that next time I came in that she would give me an anestetic cream to help with the pain, but I am VERY nervous to go back! I want to know if anyone else has had this reaction to the treatment????

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They should have told you to apply numbing cream at least half an hour before! Then the procedure is ok.
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I agree. I had the procedure on my face and it was extremely painful. Worse than childbirth. I cried through the entire procedure, my whole body shaking and jumping. Also, I had scabs after along my hairline on my forehead. I've heard since that they should have used EMLA cream and that the scabbing shouldnt happen. I am afraid to go back as well. I prepaid for 3 treatments.
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This procedure has changed my life dramatically! The way I look, feel, etc. about myself. Just got back from a treatment - 4 th in 2 yr period. My Dr. gives us 5% lidocaine anorectal cream. Works wonderful! Yes, you do have to time appropriately application to time of treatment. Thickness applied makes a difference also. I have found 45 minutes before treatment thickly applied works best. Thicker around smaller, thin areas does wonders. Hang in. It can be painful when cream not applied correctly but only temporarily. I absolutely love the results and will stick to the program of 3-5 consecutive treatments to see truly the result. My small capillaries are gone and my age spots have faded. I'm a CCU nurse with a laser background. I would rather do this than any other chemical treatment. I also fing it funny that the best dermatologists creams main ingredients are herbs and antioxidents. I hope this helps anyone. It's worth every penny!
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I am so sorry to hear how uncomfortable the procedure was for you. I don't blame you at all for being shy to go back again. I have heard people discuss the difference the numbing cream has made in other procedures, and it seemed like a pretty big difference, so hopefully that would make it more tolerable for you.

Please keep us posted on what you decide to do.

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