Radiesse Injected to Augment Nose Bridge

I had Radiesse injected 11 months ago to augment...

I had Radiesse injected 11 months ago to augment my nose bridge and was thinking about getting it done again this month since most of it has dissipated. However, I heard horror stories about granulomas that can develop after a few years. I'm assuming this is true for the earlier fillers or is this also true for Radiesse? A cosmetic surgeon told me that some of the residues can remain and tissues can grow around them. Are these what form into granulomas over time?

I also have been shopping around for a skilled surgeon for rhinoplasty to enhance my nose bridge, particularly for an Asian nose. I understand that there is no BEST implant out there for rhinoplasty but after some research online I found that it's "best" to use your own cartilage for long term but I was told that my ear cartilage may not be enough to build a bridge. I'm assuming this costs more than using implants?

I need your help deciding if I should go ahead with rhinoplasty or radiesse. I'm on a tight budget but willing to finance for rhinoplasty. I can pay for radiesse and was actually getting prepared to do it again this week but hesitant after hearing those stories. Also, is it possible for a surgeon to "remove" radiesse from my nose if he was to perform rhinoplasty on me? Is this a simple procedure? Hope you can help!

What is the best rhinoplasty procedure for Asian nose bridge augmentation (good for long-term) and what are the long term effects of Radiesse?
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Fortunately, I had a good experience and the swelling went away in three days.

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Who was your doctor? I am looking to get it done very soon...can you please at least say what the office name is?
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Also, it went well for me, slight bruising and my nose was tender for a few days, but within a week my nose was back to feeling normal.
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Hi Anon1980, I had two sorts of fillers injected into my nose, first was the Radiesse(lasts longer and is irreversible)and then a month later with Restylane with a different doctor. The second doctor advised me that studies have shown although Restylane only lasts 6-8months with the first procedure, the second will definitely last longer then first, so with each procedure that you do it'll last longer then the one before(if that makes sense). Also if your unhappy with the outcome or incur any problems, Restylane is reversible. In a few more months I'm due to go back to my doctor and get further Restylane injections in my nose until the Radiesse absorbs, then I'd probably go get Rhinoplasty. Oh and to add, I wanted to raise the height of my bridge so the fillers did give me the appearance i was after but it wasn't a drastic change. Hope that helped :)
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How did it go??
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Im happy for you that it worked out in the end! Rhinoplasty surgery isn't an option for me as yet, it's financially not possible at the moment so therefore i've opted for non surgical rhino, I just hope that it turns out 'normal' without lumps, discoloration etc. And if all goes well i may consider rhino surgery *fingers crossed* 2 more days and I shall update on how it went!
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I ended up canceling my Radiesse appointment. I got lucky and had no side effects. However, around month 11 the tip of my nose did turn splotchy and red and I freaked out. I don't know if it had anything to do with Radiesse and I'm pretty sure it wasn't a pimple...Again, I was lucky and it went away over time. Are you also going to get your tip injected? I noticed a dr responded to your other question and advised you don't do your tip...I'd take that advice. Anyway, I don't regret getting Radiesse the first time because it seriously helped me decide what I wanted to do with my nose. I got to experience a year with a bridge and I loved it. They used one full syringe - I THINK it was 0.7cc. I think Asian people respond better to injections bc we have thicker skin...Make sure that your doctor is highly experienced with Radiesse injection and make sure to ask about side effects etc. I admit my doctor could have done a better job when shaping my bridge because it didn't look straight from the front. I loved the side view though. My point is, there can be some leakage before Radiesse hardens so the doctor has to shape the bridge fast enough... If you go ahead with the injection, it will help you decide if you want to get a nose job or not in the future. Remember you have to wait 1 to 2 years before getting the real thing. I ended up getting a nose job in the end and Radiesse mentally prepared me when I saw how swollen my nose was after the surgery. Remember, swelling should go away in 3 to 4 days with Radiesse. DO NOT freak out the first 3-4 days...Just remember that Radiesse is temporary. I noticed Plastic surgeons aren't against Radiesse injections but Otolaryngologists/ENT are. I trust ENTs because they warn you of side effects and they really look out for their patients' safety. Please let me know what you decide and good luck!
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Hi, Im of asian ethnicity aswell, and am considering going in for my first radiesse appointment in 4days! Im abit nervous with all the stories ive been hearing.. Just wondering, what did you end up doing? did u end up going back for a radiesse injection? if so how did it go? how much did they use to inject to build your bridge? Would you recommend this procedure? Your response will help greatly!
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