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Healing May Not Be As Advertised So Plan Accordingly

I found the application as the literature promised...

I found the application as the literature promised and not at all unpleasant- except for the smell which was unbelievably strong.

But the healing was NOT as described in the literature so take into consideration when planning for work and subsequent activities. Even my aesthetician informed me that healing would likely take longer, to only to apply make up after peeling was complete, and not to exercise if I were to sweat. (And I do sweat, so no cardio for a week!)

I looked and felt extremely sun burnt the day I had the peel applied and went to work the following day, but the peeling process was MUCH longer and more difficult to hide than described in all literature- the peeling was not "fluffy", it was thick and it needs to be cut off rather than peeled manually- moisturizer does not hide or minimize its appearance. I could not go in to work day 3-6 due to extreme peeling and discoloration of skin.

Ultimately, this peel is worth the outcome, particularly when compared to the discomfort and healing process of a deeper peel.

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Yes, you have to plan accordingly... At first I said I would never do it again, but after seeing the results, I changed my strategy. Now when I get one I do it on Tuesday; go to work on Wednesday, and then take Thursday and Friday off of work so I can be home for 4 days when the major peeling (which cannot be hidden with makeup and/or moisturizer) occurs.

Also, if you have been using a Retin A product prior to use - even though I stopped using it 3 days prior to the peel as directed - you face will start showing the effects much, much sooner.
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