Liposuction on Hips & Abdomen - Will Shape Stay the Same Shape but Just Get Smaller Once Swelling Goes Down?

I had this done to give me confidence and make me...

I had this done to give me confidence and make me feel good about how i looked in clothes and not have to cover up all the time.

I had liposuction on my hips and abdomen and I'm a week recovered from the operation. I have noticed that my right side is a much more smooth shape >> ( but my left side is a slight different shape and not as smooth, it sticks out a little more around the hip. I noticed that the left side is the only side i have bruising so will my left side change shape and be like my right in time? Is this still just swelling? I know it would seem so but the rest of my body has all gone down at the same time and a few days ago my left side looked the same as my right. I feel when I sit down like I'm not straight iS this normal? also the hospital gave me 2 compression garments one in small that first fit me and one is extra small that is very tight! Ones too big and ones tight... how tight is too tight? I need help putting on the extra small one because i obviously have just had the operation and I'm still in abit of pain. If its very tight then could this slow down healing and make the swelling last longer? One last question... how long till i can start working out again e.g running, sit ups ect..?


Hi. First, 1 week is waaaay too soon to tell what the results are going to be. Gage it no sooner than six weeks. Also, don't force the extra small on just yet... The small one is appropriate for now, and when the swelling and pain subsides (you'll know it) you can wear the extra small one. As far as excersize, you can work out as soon as your body can stand it. Just be sure to keep your garments on and you will be fine.
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I was told i never needed to remove fat but i was only trying to improve my shape, not lose weight.

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