Macs Facelift & Canthoplaxy to Correct Eyelid Surgery from 10 Years Ago

I had a macs facelift and a canthoplaxy 12 months...

I had a macs facelift and a canthoplaxy 12 months ago to correct upper and lower eyelid surgery done 10 years ago. The canthoplaxy did not work. In fact the lower eyelid droops more now than before.

I am too scared to have a revision on my eyes in case they end up being worse. I needed a revision 3 months ago on my neck and jowls as they also were worse than before. My neck now looks good so far but the jowls are bigger than before.Also one side of my face is sunken in. Apparantly this can be fixed with fat transfer and i have lump in the other cheek that my dr. said he could have nicked the salivary gland. If i could have the jowl area fixed then i would say it was worth it but at the moment i am not sure.

I would like to know what procedure would be best to fix the jowl area and how long would i need to wait. Also where the lump is in my cheek that the dr. said could be a nicked salivary gland there is now a feeling of a piece of string inside my mouth when i run my tongue along the inside cheek that runs from the corner of my mouth to approx. the side of my ear. I think it has to do with the salivary gland. It doesn't hurt at all. Just wondering how this would be fixed.

Hello 12 months is enough wait to start thinking of revision surgery. It sounds you need a full redo of your face lift. with some sort of graft to the sunken cheeck. either at the time of surgery or later. I prefer at the time of resurgery. as for the salivary gland, do you have a drainage of saliva through the incision? called salivary fistula? if so that need to be studied with different tests. You need a BOARD CERTIFIED PS.
Hello, First let me say I am so sorry you are going through this pain.I would think one year after this type of surgery is more than enough time for everything to have healed, settled and anything you are experiencing now is after effects,and innormalities from your surgeries. Have you told this doctor? I would think there is some warrentee on a surgery to your face that cost's over $14,000. Unbelieveable!!! You mentioned a Mac Lift. I certainly hope this does not refer to William Mack. I am scheduled to see him for consultation regarding my own reversion for eye lid (upper and low) done 7 years ago. The procedures you speak of are what is being recommended. I would appreicate your reply on this,although I doubt very much I will invest that amount $$ on another attemp to look more youthful, and get my old eye appearance back. Thanks, for any info. Trying to be careful in whom I choose to slice and dice this time.If I don't chicken out first. It's over priced and over rated from what I'm reading on here. Pretty much a 50-50 chance. Hope you feel better and find an easy, non invasive and cost-wise solution. Some of us save for along time to get these procedures done. There marketing is always advertised as though it's a "walk in the park",with wonderful, gratifying results, just to wake up to a nightmare from hell, a face you can't recognize with more pain, costs, emotional and mental trauma.Maybe destroying all mirrors would serve us better. I am truely terrified, and wish you well.
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I dont think he has enough experience in this area.

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