Lumps from Evolence Injection (Nasolabial Folds)

I wanted to reduce the appearance of my nasolabial...

I wanted to reduce the appearance of my nasolabial folds. My research showed that evolence was an appropriate collagen filler for this purpose. Now I have lumps and it looks worse than when I started.

I had evolence injections into my nasolabial folds a week ago and I still have lumps on one side. Is there anything to do to get rid of them?
I had the Evolence filler used for my "smiling" lines. I have a lump that is solid as a rock and it looks just like a rock on my face! When I asked the Dermatologist what to do, she said to use some soft heat that would "melt" it down to massage....just would burn my face if you think about it!! I did try it and it did NOTHING. So, I hope the Vitrase or Wydase can be used to dissolve it! I am soooo sorry I did this!!!!
Hi, I have been looking for other people that had evolence problems here in Miami too. Can you tell me what you have done about this ? Can I contact you. I have hidden in my house these last few yeasts
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I have since learned that an experienced doctor would have known to massage the injection site to prevent lumps form occurring, which this doctor did not do.

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