Lumps After Evolence Injection for Dark Circles & Lines Under Eyes

I had lines under my eyes not fully treated with...

I had lines under my eyes not fully treated with botox and dark circles in the tear trough. Evolence was recommended by my dermatologist over juvaderm. I was told I would have brusing around my eyes (which lasted 10 days) and some swelling.

The brusing and swelling subsided. About two weeks after the filler, I noticed lumps developing. I tried massage (and still do so daily) with only temporary visual improvement. It has now been 4 months and I still have visible lumps under both of my eyes.

Concord Dermatologist

I was told this product would not cause lumps or granulomas. I specifically asked about this side effect. I was reassured that it would not cause lumps and was the best product option. I later learned that he had only started doing evolence injections 3 months before my visit.

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For future reference one of the benefits to choosing an HA like Juvederm or Restylane is that if you don't like it...there is a compound that can make it go away in seconds. Nothing ever has to be cut out.
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I had evolence injected under both eyes and one side under the nose and mouth area. I made the mistake of asking the doctor to put more under the right eye to fix the hollowness. This was the worst thing I ever did. I have two large lumps under my right eye. A plastic surgeon told me that the only way to get rid of it is have it cut out which would cause a scar. I would never do this again if I knew I had to walk around with lumps for the rest of my life.
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