44 Years Old, Lower Facelift to Correct Sagging

I decided to get a lower facelift, 3 years after...

I decided to get a lower facelift, 3 years after having a brow lift, mid facelift and upper/lower eyes. I felt I had sagging areas and wanted a slight correction. I am 44 years old.

I have an area below my jawline that is swollen and puffy and hurts if I move my head at all. I am 3 weeks out post op after lower facelift. Is it possible that I pulled something, or is it normal to have an area that is more swollen than another?
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I think the procedure will be worth it once I heal.

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could I get the name for your doctor thxs ilona
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Hi, Is it possible for you to tell me who did your face lift. I am interested. HOw long did it take you to recover. Was it painful? Did you get noticeable scars from it??? Thanks
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Thanks for sharing your review. I've heard of uneven swelling before; have you mentioned it to your doc?

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Hi Sharon, My surgeon is in CA, I am in CT and she is out of the country, but I am seeing a surgeon here for follow up, and plan to ask him, but will not see him for a week. So I thought I would pose the question here. I may call my regular surgeons office tomorrow, I just have this soft small "bulgy area" that is bothering me, maybe her partner in practice can help. Gosh, that sounds like a big jumble, hope that was possible to follow! I think I am ok, I just get nervous.
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It never hurts to ask, right? :)

Hopefully some of the doctors on the site will chime in as well.

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