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I've Been a Botox User for Years - Loved Dysport

I've been a Botox user for years. However, I...

I've been a Botox user for years. However, I hadn't had my crows feet lines done in 1 or 2 years. This time I tried Dysport.

I had the injections at 1:30 pm. By 6:00 pm that evening I was "frozen." As I had not had anything done for a while I had some wrinkles. These were completely eliminated and smoothed out.

So far I think Dysport is the superior product. As a test, I had Botox on my forhead, less than 2 weeks later. I will see which wears off first.


Are you still using Dysport?
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Well, when I tried the Dysport and botox on different areas at the same time, the dysport lasted much longer. After 3 months, botox wore off and about 3 weeks later I had my eyes and forehead redone. The dysport still had not worn off, so hardly needed any there. I won't use botox again. A friend that went with me had not done botox for years and did the dysport. It took several says for his to kick in while it took only hours for mine to freeze.
Yes, Mamamia, I am.
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